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The original graveyard with family vaults, tombs, and headstones surrounded the church. Owing to their age, many fell into disrepair. In 1971 and 1973, decisions were made to clear most of the stonework so that areas could be grassed over to make it easier to maintain. All the graves were carefully recorded before stones were removed, and a few have been left in situ. The churchyard has now been formally closed and is cared for by Hyndburn Borough Council.

Old photographs of the graveyard, and a more detailed information on the graveyard and the church itself, can be found in The Story of a Village Church by Louie Pollard, which is available for purchase in Church.

Part of the churchyard is set aside as a Garden of Remembrance for cremated remains and the ashes of any parishioner may be interred (not scattered) by arrangement. Their name is normally entered in our Book of Remembrance in church, but there are no individual memorials in the Garden.

In addition, the parish owns a burial ground in Hope Street, Great Harwood, which (like many old churchyards) is largely untended. We aim to keep it reasonably clear of undergrowth, without simply encouraging vandalism. The padlock code is available to relatives of those buried there, on request.